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    AMD drivers not working




      After my recent format, i installed AMDs old drivers ( it was something from 2013 ) and yesterday i tried to update them to recent one.

      Only problem is that it keeps running into problems and not working. I have tried EVERYTHING that i found on the web.

      It has gotten to a point, where i just want to sell my laptop and buy nvidia GPU.


      If anyone know how to fix this please leave an answer, i also included a .JPEG and Dxdiag file.amd1.jpg

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          I would recommend using the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility to sweep your system of AMD Drivers. After this is complete and you have restarted, please run Windows Update and ensure your system is fully up to date, this includes all optional and recommended updates.


          Please head to your laptop manufacturer's website and download the latest AMD drivers for your laptop. You should use the customised manufacturer AMD laptop drivers instead of the generic drivers AMD provides, as they have been designed for your particular system.


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