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Screen splits/tearing

Question asked by benjie on Nov 14, 2015

So for some reason I can't find my previous post I made about this. Maybe my post was deleted by an Moderator, or not approved, for whatever reason.


I don't believe this post should be disapproved, if I'm being completely honest, as I'm having serious problems.


So for some reason, whenever I enable my driver (for the AMD 6790) I start to get random screen splits. Now, these splits happen at random times. The screen splits into two, and not necessarily even sections.


As soon as I disable the driver, it then stops the screen splits. However, I need the driver to be enabled, for full use of Open GL, which doesn't work without the driver enabled. The problem in hand seems to be the driver for the 6790, as I've tried a new cable and a new choice of Operating System in attempt to fix this. This can be very irritating, especially when working on a project, which then forces the program to close after the screen tear.


I would highly appreciate it if anyone could help me out in fixing this problem, or if there is a driver that I could install which functions accordingly.