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AMD 6790 Screen Tearing/Splitting

Question asked by benjie on Nov 14, 2015

So I have recently been having problems with my graphics card (at least I think it's the graphics card causing the problems).


Around every hour (Not entirely precise) my screen starts to move, and splits in different positions each time. My screen gets pushed over, and one part of the screen goes to the other side. I can still see my full screen, but the layout of the screen isn't right. It's extremely hard to explain. This problem could also be because of my VGA cable, but since when I disable the driver, it stops the tearing, so it's highly unlikely.


I believe that it's the driver installed with my graphics card that's causing the problem, because as soon as I disable the driver, the screen tearing and splitting stops. However, this prevents me from using many of my programs such as Adobe After Effects, and Sony Vegas, as certain elements in there require Open GL and so on...


So for the summary:

I believe it's the drivers for the AMD 6790 model that needs fixing.