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My XFX R9 290 wont install latest AMD update

Question asked by ripp3n on Nov 14, 2015

So I got some new part's for my LGA 1155 build including a XFX R9 290 4GB


My old card was a Radeon HD 7770 1GB  and AMD has always been installed and CCC always opened and worked.


Now, when I put this bad boy in and got the latest driver AMD 15.1.7 driver, it said it fully installed I clicked restart PC...


When my pc is back and running i got a pop up saying "NO AMD DRIVER IS INSTALLED etc etc" and when I try opening AMd app  it tells me AMD cannot be started.


Device manager shows that the card is not working as well(yellow triangle) (SEE ATTACHMENT)


Any help? Such a expensive card it shoudnt be coming with damn errors like this I cant try playing anything because fps is dropped to 2-5

Windows 10 64b

i5-3570K CPU





Attachment has my specs.