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DH 7660D + HD 7000 Acting funny when alt+tab from fullscreen game

Question asked by nds3010 on Nov 14, 2015

Hey all


Since I "restored factory settings" some months ago i have been experiencing some funny things when alt+tab'ing from a full screen game. (the screen shot is from after i closed the game)


I am currently running win 10, but i had some problems simular to this in win 7 aswell. I have tried to uninstall display driver with Display Driver Uninstaller, and it seemed to remove it, but in the log i see some entrys like this:

14-11-2015 15:12:24 >> dp_delete "oem2.inf"
14-11-2015 15:12:24 >> Deleting the specified driver package from the machine failed

because it is in use by a device.


further more i have tried to update BIOS, chipset drivers but nothing seems to help.


on the windows apps, the "close", "minimize" and "maximize" buttons aren't displayed. I have installed the latest beta driver aswell, but the problem seems to persist.


It seems i can play most games just fine, but Hitman: Absolution is not running as smooth as it did before i reinstalled my pc.


Have also used ASUS GPU Tweak to set 2D memory clock to the same as 3D, but that didn't help either.


I have 2 monitors connected, one via HDMI, and another in the DivX (or what it's called).


The PC is Acer Aspire X3475. (AMD Radeon Dual Graphics is enabled)


Any help would be appreciated.