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Can't make google chrome use dedicated graphics card instead of integrated cpu

Question asked by meletis94 on Nov 14, 2015

Hello everyone. I've recently purchased my hp laptop coming with amd A4-6210 (cpu) and amd radeon HD 8570M (gpu). The problem is that the option to change graphics settings in Catalyst Control Center for example from "power saving" to "high performance" is locked and when i am watching videos on 1080p (not only on google chrome) they are lagging. I am sure that my laptop isn't using the dedicated graphics card and it is using the cpu inergrated, that is what causes the videos lagging. Is this a driver bug that can't change to high performance? Below i have uploaded a photo that it shows app's settings are locked. If it's a bug please fix it. This is my first time i have an amd product. Don't make me get the wrong idea for this company. Thank you in advance.


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Edit: Solutions i have tried:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall latest gpu driver (catalyst)
  2. Format my laptop and install the latest drivers.