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fallout 4 wont start with beta 15.11 drivers and crash without error with 15.7.1 drivers

Question asked by coronide on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by coronide

hello community.


I installed my fallout 4 game on my pc. had the 15.7.1 but it crash after 10 minutes of playing the game without showing any error message. I was really frustrated because i was not able to find a solution in the net or by my own. Before i decided to reinstall the game i donwloaded the 15.11 beta drivers and i can play it without any crash and with medium details( without Anti-Alising )!!!! but wen i reboot the pc or turn it off, it crashes at the startup( i just hit play and it chrash saying it stoped working). every i want to play i have to reinstal the beta drivers. its not that anoying but a help to know whats the problem would be great.


thanks for your time.


added my pc specs in a image. using windows 7.