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Games are unplayable after an graphic card drivers update

Question asked by amimox on Nov 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by gu113

Hi ! I have a major problem with my AMD graphic card.

First, my specs :

-Windows 10 64 bits

-AMD R5 + AMD R7 m260 grpahic cards (Strange ? 2 graphic cards ?)


Now, everything was running fine, my games was running smoothly with no bugs, and then a day, Windows update decided to install an update to my graphic drivers, the update for R5 failed, but the upate for R7 was successful. After restart, my games are now unplayable, they open, but it has major lags no, can't play anymore !


To solve this, I tried to uninstall AMD catalyst and all AMD components. After, I deleted manually all AMD folders I found. I went after in Driver Manager, wich I uninstalled both drivers. After that, I waited that Windows reinstall the drivers (my screen was blinking). Restarted, reinstall my previous version of AMD Catalyst (wich is NOT the most recent, it is 15.7.0 I think), and wow fixed !


This was 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday, I installed the upgrade to Windows 1511, the major update of Windows 10. And then, after the installation, I get the same problem, and I tried to fix again, but this time not worked, I also tried to uninstall all AMD, then reinstal new AMD catalyst, but it seems Windows keeped the Radeon R7, and I can't rollback it anymore ! I even tried to use Driver cleaner, but it failed.


What should I do ?

Thanks !