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    R9 390 Nitro Black Screen


      Hi community, i need your, because honestly i dunno what to do. 5 days ago i bought a new R9 390 Sapphire Nitro gpu along side with a new gaming system.

      My specs are :

      Intel Skylake, Core i5 6600K

      PSU : be quiet! System Power 7, 80+ Silver 700W

      16 GB RAM DDR3

      Mobo : ASRock H97 PRO4

      GPU : R9 390 Sapphire Nitro


      First, i installed a clean Win 8.1 on my SSD and then, i went to install the latest beta driver. From the installer list i unchecked the Raptr app, and then i started to install, but when the installer reached the AMD Display Adapter part, my screen turned black + my pc frozed and my gpu's vents stopped. The only way to reach again on the desktop was to enter in Safe Mode and uninstalling through DDU program.

      At first i said maybe my gpu is RMA but even though the amd driver didnt installed, through gpu-z program i can see her (gpu) :

      : 54545.gif

      The second thought was my BIOS, i checked the mobo site, and i saw that i have the latest one, my PSU i think can handle w/o problems my GPU so, what is happening.I searched the internet for 4 days and I saw that i'm not the only one, and some of those unlucky like me, changed 3 times their GPU and they had the same problem, so i doubt the problem is, from our hardware and actually its a driver problem.Right now i'm on the integrated graphic from cpu, but tbh i didnt spend so much monies, to not use my gpu.

      What do you guys say, its a driver problem (i bet my sallary from one month that this is the cause) or its a hardware problem, but even so, how can so many ppls have the same "hardware" problem with the R9 390/x gpu.

      Any idea of what it could be?