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    Fallout 4 stuttering (<0 Fps )



      I would like to know why i have this issues.

      In closed areas the game runs fine (+60 fps) at high/ultra settings,but in open areas (city mostly) fps drops  to 0 (and even crash tellling me that the drivers are restored)

      Checking on the usage of GPU on open areas it works (more or less) between 5% to 30%,while in closed areas it works fine (80% to 99%)

      Never had an issues with any other games (Witcher3,MGSPP,DA inquisition works like a charm)

      I tried to reinstall the drivers,reinstall the game,toggle every possible graphic config in Fallout settings,still same problem.


      My config:

      GPU : AMD r380 4gb

      Cpu intel i5 4460

      Ram 8gb

      Game stored in an SSD



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          I've attached a screenshot

          the first part is the loading screen (about 4 min to load even on SSD) where the FPS are about 15ps

          After that every time i move the mouse to look something that are not my feet framerate drops to 0-10 and my gpu doesnt work at all.

          This in low setting (everything disabled or toggled to minimum)

          This appear in every open areas


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            Things to consider:


            -raise the gpu fan to drop the gpu temperature when on load

            -raise power limit to max

            -monitor cpu usage and make sure that no throttle occurs

            -make sure that the integrated intel HD Graphics 4600 gpu is disabled in BIOS. Or in device manager.

            -lower the distance sliders to the middle position and to "high" values through the game's launcher advanced options and test again

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              So, I've been testing Fallout 4 for a good while now, and have about 80 hours in the game so far, 5 of which I can say was spent purely troubleshooting.


              I have two monitors and I always use the second one to hold performance graphs and other data (as I'm usually recording or streaming so I like to know whats happening with my system).


              I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Fallout 4 is CPU/RAM bottlenecked. And that its incredibly likely that the problems you're running into are related to your processor and RAM.


              There have been some interesting findings by other people online that suggest that the speed of your RAM  actually has a significant impact on how well the game runs (up to 20% change in frame rate!). So, if you can, try running it in windowed mode with the task manager open and look at your CPU usage.


              Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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                  I tried to raise power limit to max (20) and I have got a slightly improvement, in few areas now the framerate doesn't drop too much (25 the min),but in cities still the same problem,it drops to 0.

                  I checked the cpu usage but there's no sign of a bottlenecked,the cpu use settles down approximately to 60-80%.

                  I dont think either that my ram could be the problem (they are 2 banks of 4gb 1600mhz )

                  Everything is set to minimum (every parameter on the launcher) but my pc easly fit the minimum req,i just dont get it,other people with same gpu (and a slightly better or worse cpu) can play without a problem.

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                  All lot of people are reporting problems with fallout 4. The games seems to have major problems and also with Nvidia cards.

                  I don't have 0 FPS, but have serious problems with FPS drops that I can't explain.


                  I did these to films to document the problem. When i did screen capturing the CPU load got way to high, so i re did them and film with my mobile camera.

                  Please note GPU and CPU usage, this doesn't make sense.

                  I have tried the new Beta driver 15.11.1, but it didn't chang anything.

                  My rig:

                  Intel I5 3570K OC to 4,5 Ghz (sorry AMD, get that Zen processor out and we will talk)

                  XFX R9 290

                  Corsair Vengenance 2400 Mhz.

                  Intel Pro SSD

                  Running 1080p on ultra settings.




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                    i have a similar problem. my system is i7 4790 4ghz

                    amd r7 370 4gb

                    16gb ram and win 10

                    at indoors the game runs at 60 fps smoothly and to the cities its ok 45-60 fps but when comes many together characters and bright lights and fires the fps drops to 25-30.its annoing with that system

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                        Κατέβασες το καινούργιο πατσάκι ? Υποτίθεται ότι λύνει κάποια απο τα προβλήματα απόδοσης και κρασαρίσματος με κάποια συστήματα.

                        Χαμήλωσε τα εφέ φωτισμού και σκίασης, και απενεργοποίησε την επιλογή "god rays" (nvidia...)


                        Did you try the latest patch ?

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                            backfire το καινουριο πατσακι ειναι σε εκδοση beta και στο δικο μου συστημα αφοτου το εβαλα εχει καποια bug στα γραφικα που οταν ξαναφορτωσεις το παιχνιδι επαμνερχεται

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                                Άστο ρε φίλε...

                                Έχω σιχαθεί να βλέπω μισοτελειωμένα βιντεοπαιχνίδια να κυκλοφορούν πρίν να περάσουν απο εξουθενωτικά τεσταρίσματα πρώτα.

                                Υποτίθεται ότι το Fallout 4 είναι σε καλύτερη μοίρα απο άλλα πρόσφατα (βλέπε COD black ops III), αλλά μάλλον χρειάζεται και επιπλέον patches.



                                Άν αναφέρεσαι σε αυτό που νομίζω, τότε συνιστώ να επιλέξεις LOW preset και μετά να αφήσεις απενεργοποιημένο το "god rays" και να 'ανεβάσεις' όλα τα άλλα γραφικά στο μέγιστο.

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                                θα κανω και αυτο που ειπες με τις godrays και θα δω.παντως τις ακτινες του ηλιου τις δειχνει καλα και γενικα στις πολεις τρεχει καλα μονο σε καποια μεμονωμενα σημεια παιφτουν τα fps στα 30.γενικα πριν το patch δεν ειχα κανενα προβλημα με την εμφανιση των γραφικων μονο που επεφτε το frame rate σε καποια μεμονωμενα σημεια