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catalyst control center: host application has stopped working

Question asked by kokefa on Nov 13, 2015
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I recently updated to BETA drivers to see if my performance with Fallout 4 got better, but before I had the chance to try I encountered on windows startup that Catalyst Control Center is crashing.

So I thought it could be the BETA drivers causing it, I went back with the whole procedure to uninstall, remove drivers yadayada to install the version I had before.

Funny though, CCC stopped working aswell on windows startup. NOTICE! manually starting both versions didn't work either.


So I started to google for a solution, I checked most computer forums I could find, there was one "solution" but it didn't work for me. SOLUTION WAS: Hide whole users folder and unhide again in case a folder which CCC used were hidden so it couldn't be used.


So I found this forum, searched for my topic and did find a few discussions about this but I never found a solution, so now I'm starting my own discussion in hope for a solution.


Drivers used:




I had 15.7.1 before I got the idea to try out the beta drivers, and at that time CCC did work excellent, the crash started to appear after I installed BETA drivers.

The crash still appears after I uninstalled BETA drivers to go back to 15.7.1.


Currently I'm running 15.11 BETA drivers.


My GPU is a R9 290.