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My Computer Fell Over.... Broken Graphics Card?

Question asked by notgriff on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by amdmatt

Hey Guys! So how do I begin... I messed up pretty badly. I was getting up from my computer when my toe hooked onto my headphone cord. Long story short my computer tower fell... hard. I took a look inside the case to make sure everything was okay. From the looks of it the only problem was my CPU fan was loose, but that was easily fixed. After booting up however, I realized that something had gone wrong. Instead of the normal hearty thrum of the fans in my computer all working together to form the perfect symphony of frames per second, there was a low hum. Not only that, but even on the simplist browser game, which I never drop a frame, I was getting 10-30 frames only. I had another look inside my computer and ran some tests and determined the problem to be my graphics card, a Powercolor pcs+ Radeon r9 290. It was the root of the sound, even though it was all plugged in and connected correctly. Is it possible that the components inside the graphics card have somehow gotten broken? Is there a fix? Or is that a wasted graphics card, because if so I'm screwed.