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graphic settings not saving in game

Question asked by sktg51 on Nov 12, 2015
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I am at my wits end, and this is somewhat of a last resort, plaintive cry in the wilderness.


I have a desktop running a Z87 Pro mobo and a AMD Radeon R9 390 gpu, with Win 10 64bit. It is only recently built and the Win 10 is a clean install, not an upgrade. I have suddenly begun having problems with my graphic settings in WoW not saving. Never had a issue previously, even on this machine.


I recently downloaded what I thought was AMD software - called "AMD Gaming Evolved". After this issue arose I was told via the WoW forums that this was a raptr program (never heard of them before and never saw their name when the software downloaded), and it often interfered with saving graphic settings. I have since then uninstalled the raptr software.


My problem is that no matter what I do - remove read only from the WoW folders/files, give full control to 'Authenticated Users', run the program as Administrator, the graphic settings (Ultra / 1920x1080) will not save. They always revert to a much lower setting. Clearly the config.*** file is not being changing. M normal screen resolution (out of game) is 1920x1080. Wen I enter the game the monitor goes black for a few seconds and the lower resolution appears.  I change the graphic settings in-game, and on leaving the game the monitor goes black again for a few seconds before the normal resolution and desktop appear. This 'few seconds' of blackness has never been the norm before my problems arose.


I appreciate that this is long-winded, but if anyone has had similar experiences, or can shed some light on the problem I would be very grateful for your advice.