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AMD Radeon R5 m230 - Problem with drivers on Win 8.1

Question asked by janekczarny on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by janekczarny


My spec:

               Win 8.1 64-bit (Updated from Win 8 64-bit)

               Intel Core i7 4510U

               12GB DDR3

               Intel HD Graphics + AMD Radeon m230


After update drivers my Radeon m230 turns into Radeon HD 8500M. When I'm install drivers manually picked up for AMD site for Radeon m230 than after on device manager I see HD 8500M, when I'm try to manualy change(update) drivers for device from the list, windows message pop out: Driver is not compatibled with this version of windows.


I'm try to install last updated drivers for Intel HD Graphics, then clean install last updated drivers for AMD Radeon m230.


So my question is: How to install drivers or change them for my graphic card because I have less performance than before, on Win 8 device manager properly see my graphic card as Radeon m230.