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    solidworks crashes often with AMD firepro M5100




      I hope that someone can help me: I just purchased a HP zbook 15 G2 (Intel Core i7-4910MQ Quad Core / 32GB RAM) with AMD FirePro M5100 graphic card. I want to use this laptop mainly for engineering in Soldiworks (2014 & 2015).


      But now Solidworks craches all the time. I tried to use light settings ( OpenGl off, etc), but still it crashes often. Rebuilding goes fast, but just rotating my model seems to be causing the crashes.

      Now I wonder the following:


      1) Is this card really a good stable choice for my demands (it should be if  I look at the AMD website en benchmark of Nvidia quadro K2100m vs AMD firepro 5100; http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-Quadro-K2100M-vs-AMD-FirePro-M5100-FireGL-V/m7811vsm12267 ). I wonder this, because there is an existing discussion on this forum which says that the M5100 card is not dedicated to Solidworks ( The specified item was not found. )

      2) How can I solve these craches?. Could it be a matter of the right driver (I use the latest one) ... or settings of grafic card?


      I really hope that a specialist could give me the right advise

      Kind regards,


      Sander de Wit