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    No video output, but turning on and all fans working.


      Hi everyone. I just tried assembling a new computer, and after getting everything it, it powers up, but I get no picture or beep from the motherboard. Im fairly sure everything is plugged in - 6 pin to the video card, 24 pin and 4 pin to the mother board, fans are obviously in, HD is plugged in, and the power switch is working.


      I am using:

      AMD FX 8320 Black

      Nvidia Geforce GT950

      Gigabyte 970a-DS3P Motherboard

      500W Raidmax Power Supply

      8GB DDR3 Ram

      1TB HD



      Im somewhat new to this, so is there anything I could be missing here? I followed the directions closely. Im really worried I wrecked the CPU though - I had to press REALLY hard to get the second latch on the heatsink to fit. Hard enough that Im pretty much resigned to my fate, but I thought I better try asking people far more experienced than I.


      Thank you so much for your time, and I'll be happy to provide any more necessary info.

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          Depending on the thermal interface material applied from the factory on the HSF, it can be very difficult to install the spring attachment on the HSF. You may or may not of actually damaged the CPU. I'd suggest removing the mobo and setting it next to the PC case on a non-conductive surface such as the mobo box. Newegg has a video on this I believe on their website. What you are doing is eliminating any chance of a short circuit from the mobo touching the metal case. You can start with the very minimum of 1 DIMM in whichever slot your mobo owner's manual requires. Install the graphics card and HDD if desired and try booting the system being sure that all power and communication cables are attached.


          Without the HDD you'll get an error message saying no storage device is installed. If the system boots as a bread boarded set-up out of the PC case, then you need to find where the mobo is touching the metal case and shorting out and fix the problem with spacers or electrical tape or whatever is necessary. If the system still doesn't boot then I'd remove the HSF and inspect the CPU. If you see no damage, I'd remove the CPU from the socket and inspect the pins for damage. Always align the triangle on the CPU so it aligns with the matching triangle on the corner of the CPU socket. Gently but firmly press the CPU all the way down into the socket.


          Hopefully you'll find some simple, easy to correct issue and be up and running soon.