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Replacement for 6970

Question asked by tecrda on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by tecrda

Hi people, 6970 2gb is currently my gpu and i was good with it, but after i played fallout 4 with it i was very disapointed on how it performs with this game, specially after playing wolfenstein old blood with very high performance and details.

i did win some FPS turning off tessalation but not enought.


I just want to know what card can i get without bottlenecking my CPU (if there is any card that can do that at the moment, i just don´t know).

It could be used or new.




CPU: FX6100@4Ghz



NOTE: I dont want to change CPU

            crossfire is not an option

            my intention is to play on 1080P resolution and get at the very worst 50 fps, at the moment im geting average 46fps and min 35 at 720p


Thank you and sorry for my english