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Is there going to be a new driver update(AMD Radeon 6620g) for Disney Infinity 3.0?

Question asked by starjolly on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by starjolly

I've played the game Disney Infinity 3.0 and it seems that I've less frame rate than 2.0. I'm occurring a lot of system performance meter problems in Toy Box than 2.0 and here's the major improvements down below.


Disney Infinity 2.0, there's no system performance issues(from right side) and I have 29 frame rate.

DisneyInfinity2 2015-11-12 23-09-01-53.jpg


Now on Disney Infinity 3.0, I'm occurring the system performance issues and I have 17 frame rate. Also, it seems that my GPU and CPU usage went up as well...

DisneyInfinity3 2015-11-12 23-12-06-10.jpg


Can AMD team work this out for the AMD Radeon 6620g driver? If yes, I'll be very pleased and of course, I've already contact Disney Interactive about it already. There's an attachment for you to view my DxDIAG info just in case.