AMD targeting power efficiency with R400 series GPUs

Discussion created by black_zion on Nov 12, 2015

Exclusive: AMD Aggressively Pursuing Performance/Watt for FinFET Generation of dGPUs in 2016, Will Increase Focus on Pow…


A source close to AMD recently offered some details to WCCFTech regarding the company’s future plans; plans which include the upcoming generation of GPUs as well as next gen consoles. The next generation of AMD graphic cards will be based on FinFETs (either 14nm or 16nm) and will offer roughly twice the performance over the 28nm generation. The information we received not only confirms previously revealed codenames but also sheds light on a brand new one: Vega10. It also states that AMD will be focusing on power saving alot during the next generation.


Decidedly not a bad thing here. With performance set to double just from the massive node shrink and performance per watt on everyone's minds. It's going to be interesting to see if we see a card the power of the Fury X with a 150w TDP. I don't think it's unrealistic if the performance doubles due to the node shrink. If Zen comes out to be even 90% as powerful as the current Intel chips, AMD's finally going to be dominant force it was with the original Athlon processor.


Remember AMD bullet train commercial - YouTube ?