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Install old drivers on R9 285

Question asked by nanoprobe on Nov 12, 2015

I just received an RMA replacement card and was upgraded from an R9 270X to an R9 285. I don't game but use my cards for distributed computing. (Medical research mostly.) I want to use older drivers because they perform better than the newer drivers for distributed computing. The problem is the 285 will not let me install the 13.12 driver i want to use. I've been doing this for a long time and I know the procedures very well. The problem is somehow related to the 285. I tried to install the 13.12 driver on 3 different machines and it was blocked. If I use a 270X card the drivers install fine on all 3 machines. When the 285 card is installed with no drivers the device manager says it's a standard VGA card. When I try to install the 13.12 drivers Windows tells me the drivers are already up to date. Don't think a Windows driver from 2006 is up to date. If I can't use the older drivers this card is pretty much useless for me. Is there any possible work around for this? I even tried a modded 13.12 driver. Same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.