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Absolute Best GPU for the AMD Athlon X4 860K before bottlenecking occurs?

Question asked by bee_lyte on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by t77chevy

I've seen a couple threads on this topic elsewhere, but I don't feel like there's been a clear answer. Good questions about specific GPU's and their bottleneck potential, but I'm asking a slightly different question. As the title questions; what is the absolute best graphics card I can get with the 860k before I start experiencing bottlenecking? If it matters I use two monitors, at 1920x1080.

Current Games:

Pay Day 2, DayZ, War Thunder, Heroes of the Storm, Skyrim, Worms Revolution, Aliens Vs Predator, Evolve, Rocket League, and Star Craft 2. I'm upgrading because I'd also like to play Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, and Fallout 4 in the near future.


Current Build:

MSI A88XM Gaming

AMD Athlon X4 860K

8gb of G.Skill RAM (Currently 1600mhz)

I have the GT 730, but it's time to upgrade, hence me question (theres a pirate living in me..)