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[HD 5970] 2nd gpu not working with 15.7.1 drivers, same with 15.11 beta

Question asked by metallifan on Nov 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by tomtalk24

Hi, 5970 user here. Lost my 2nd gpu with latest drivers

-MSI afterburner shows 2nd gpu is always at idle speeds (150/300).

-Playing a game that supports crossfire shows 0% load on the 2nd card.

-GTA V says i have 1gb vram, where it previously said i had 2.

-FPS are somewhat halved in some games.


I tried reinstalling drivers, using DDU in safe mode, tried beta (15.11) drivers, etc to no avail. I believe this is a bug either on amd end or my system. Rolling back to 15.7 solved this issue for me.


My specs are:

Gigabyte G1 Sniper.B5

Intel i5 4440

XFX 5970 black edition (w/latest vBIOS)

Corsair 8 gb ram

Windows 7 64 bit


The HD 5970 is not a very popular card nowadays, i only found one link to a discussion about a similar issue here:

Thought i just report this issue so maybe AMD can investigate it. I'm concerned about my card working with future driver updates, especially when/if fallout 4 optimized drivers roll out. Thanks in advance!