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do ZEN processors even exist?

Question asked by brex on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by kalmquist

If you asked me a few weeks ago i would have told you my next PC would have a ZEN processor if they were anything close to what rumour had it they were. I have been a lifelong Intel customer but can not stand the companies "new direction". however after reading some nasty rumours about the development of the ZEN, such as what the removal of "bulldozer" instructions and what that will entail i wanted to get the fact behind what AMD is saying about its product. what AMD is saying appears to be... nothing? all i can find is spurious rumour from sources i don't particularly trust. IS there a secret mailing list? is there somewhere i can find out what is going on with these from some official source? is there any scheduled or tentative release date? because i fully intend to buy a new PC, I intend to spend around $2000, and if i have no reason to believe this product exists or will work for me i will simply buy something else.