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APU system for 3D work and Game development.

Question asked by yetta1 on Nov 11, 2015

Hi, this is my first post on the AMD forums.


I am a 3D artist and a startup Indie game developer, I use both Windows and Linux operating systems and make use of Blender, Unity 5 and Gimp. My current system is ancient and I am in the market for a new system to work on, so I'm looking at the APU. The APU I have in mind is the A10-7870K running with the R7 250 in dual graphics as well a FirePro W4100 for modelling. I am also looking at the AM1 platform as a renderfarm solution or beowolf cluster, purely out of interest.


I'll be making use of Blender's Cycles renderer to bake model textures and using OpenCL acceleration in Gimp. The reason for the dual graphics setup is to optimize my game project to run good framerates, visually the art matches some photo-realism. In my spare time I'm creating content for a open-source game engine forked from IdTech's Doom 3 BFG source code which has plans for Vulkan.


I would like to know if such a system is future proof when it comes to OpenCL and if it would perform well with other software such as After Effects. Another issue I am worried about is conflicts between the drivers when running the R7 250 and the W4100 on the same system. From what I understand there is a lot of criticism surrounding drivers on Linux, which has me worried as I am creating for both platforms. I am on a budget so I need to make the right choices. Greatly appreciate the advice.