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HDMI audio falls back to PCM stereo output every few reboots

Question asked by tomeq on Nov 11, 2015



I'm using Zotac AD10 as my HTPC, it has AMD E-350 cpu on board. Recently, I've upgraded to Windows 10. I did completely fresh install to avoid any problems. Unfortunately I have problems all the time.... one of them was perpetual installation of AMD graphics driver from Windows Update that didn't support ANY video acceleration. I had to fallback to 14.12 Catalysts with gfx driver for Win8.1. This works.


Other thing that doesn't work: HDMI Audio driver seems to fall back to PCM Stereo output only after few reboots. The only solution to that is to go to Device manager-> AMD HDMI Audio output -> revert driver/reinstall driver. I need to do that EVERY TIME: revert driver, then it works for some time, it stops, I reinstall latest 15.7.1 HDMI Audio driver, it works for some time then stops I do revert driver and so on and so forth.


It's interesting that no matter if I set HDMI audio passthrough in video player or I decide to decode it to PCM first I get 2.0 PCM output. Only reinstallation/reverting the driver solves the problem.


What the heck is going on with this? Is there any solution to stop that loop?