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Unable to install CCC

Question asked by paranoia on Nov 11, 2015

I'm stumped as to why I'm suddenly unable to update my CCC. Was on 15.5 previously and tried to update to 15.11 Beta.


Problem: Installer would get to the Express/Custom screen and the program will become unresponsive once I've clicked next.


I've tried to no avail:
- Trying both Express and Custom
- Uninstalling CCC completely AND using DDU
- Installing from Safe Mode
- Tried 15.7.1 Stable / 14.12 Omega / 15.11 Beta


I've only barely managed to get my PC back in some kind of working order by manually installing the basic driver using Windows Device Manager - but have no access to any sort of Catalyst functions.


Win 7 64-bit SP1
Intel 2700K
2x Sapphire HD7950