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    Unable to install CCC


      I'm stumped as to why I'm suddenly unable to update my CCC. Was on 15.5 previously and tried to update to 15.11 Beta.


      Problem: Installer would get to the Express/Custom screen and the program will become unresponsive once I've clicked next.


      I've tried to no avail:
      - Trying both Express and Custom
      - Uninstalling CCC completely AND using DDU
      - Installing from Safe Mode
      - Tried 15.7.1 Stable / 14.12 Omega / 15.11 Beta


      I've only barely managed to get my PC back in some kind of working order by manually installing the basic driver using Windows Device Manager - but have no access to any sort of Catalyst functions.


      Win 7 64-bit SP1
      Intel 2700K
      2x Sapphire HD7950