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R9 280 (catalyst) drivers misidentifying panel size

Question asked by pfunkus on Nov 10, 2015

I have three monitors. My main and middle display is connected via HDMI to a displayport converter. I have no problems with this monitor. My two secondary monitors are connected directly via DVI. These two displays are where I'm having my problem.


My graphics card used to display them properly, but since updating to 15.7.1 (and I also tried 15.10) it now thinks the displays are a few inches wider than the monitors actually are.


I get black bars on the left hand side of each monitor, but even when trying the different scaling options (maintain, stretch, and centered timings) the problem isn't fixed (it will stretch to fill the black bar on the left, but it still thinks the monitor is about two inches wider than it really is.


Any clue as to what is happening and how to fix it? Or where I can find older drivers for my R9 280?