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a10 7870k bluescreen

Question asked by purly on Nov 10, 2015

So i bought my computer a month ago and i build the computer myself. I installed windows 7 and also installed the latest drivers from the creators of my componets. Later that night i watched Neflix and Youtube for around 2 hours then my computer froze, and a loud noise came out from the speakers. I restarted the computer and continued to watch Netflix, but this time i could watch for like 10 min or so then it froze again. I reinstalled windows and all the drivers and everything worked for around 2 hours then the bluescreen started. Got different bluescreens everytime and sometimes i just go to the desktop and then i got bluescreen. So i called the place where i bought it from and the asked me so send the components back and i did. They did not find any problems and they send it back to me. I started the computer again and after 2 hours the bluescreens started. I called them again and they asked me to send it back again and i did. This time they replaced the motherboard and the APU. I got the parts back and rebuild the computer again. Worked for around 4-5 hours this time and then bluescreen. I've tried atleast 5 harddrives and 1 ssd, switched the RAM with RAM i know works and also different OS. I also tried 2 different PSU's. The computer did not crash when i ran FurMark for around 10 hours, but when i ran a youtube video for 2 hours i got bluescreen "kernel_security_check_failure". I'm out of ideas where the fault could be. Anyone who has a clue or have had the same issue? Thanks in advanced. And i've checked the temperatures, around 60 degrees celsius on max load.





AMD A10-7870K

Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) CL9 1600Mhz VENGEANCE LP