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    [Windows 10] [CCC] Not installed but better like this


      Hi ,


      I just installed Windows 10 pro 64 bit. I used the AMD automatic drivers detector tool, and i have the latest version of my drivers. Then i installed the new Catalyst Control Center 15.7.1 (CCC) up for win 10, i restarted my computer. Upon reboot, the AMD Catalyst Control Center is nowhere on my computer. I've already tried a new installtion but same happen again.


      I've found later that i can manually install CCC following the installer here (C:\Program Files\AMD\CCC2\Install)




      I noticed on many games that installing CCC cause freezes in game (The Witcher 3, Rebel Galaxy...) !


      when it's not installed, the same game runs fine without any freezes !


      So maybe it's not mistake if CCC is not installed by default on my computer on win 10.


      If you can help me explaining this ;

      Thank you !


      OS : Windows 10 pro 64

      Graphic card : Saphhire Radeon hd 7970 GHZ Edition 3Go

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          Go ahead and install the latest Catalyst 15.11 Beta driver.

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            It just shows the huge mistake from microsoft to allow automatic windows updates in windows 10 for all updates, including gpu drivers, as the default action.

            Imagine manually installing a catalyst driver suite version, and at the same time windows 10 downloads and installs another catalyst version.

            Outcome ? Frustration.


            I suggest to follow ray_m 's advice, but make sure you close the internet first and use this guide before doing anything else:

            Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

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                I did exactly what you said, i have CCC installed and my drivers are up to date.

                However, each time i reinstall a driver, games (Rebel Galaxy) runs fine but few hours later, it's laggy again.

                Is it possible because Windows 10 reinstall its own driver after, because i can't close the internet for all time, i did just during the drivers installation.

                Or maybe it's just relative to the game. But why would a game runs fine just after drivers installation and lag on the next day.

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                    No, if you have the latest driver installed windows 10 should not interfere in any way regarding the catalyst drivers.


                    About the lag, you should monitor your hardware's behavior and performance more closely.

                    Use vsync and a frame limiter to lock your rendered frames to your monitor's refresh rate (for example, 60 Hz -> 60 fps limit). If you feel that vsync introduces mouse lag, then use the frame limiter only. Your choice. The goal is to avoid any unnecessary heat, throttle and instability that potentially comes when a gpu is used and stressed more. Cause that could be your issue. Check it out.


                    Rebel Galaxy, theoretically, is no match for your HD7970, but i saw some reported lag from users on Steam threads. Take a look there as well. You may find something more useful.

                    I am not exactly sure how CCC would interfere with the game's smoothness when on default settings, but check the settings anyway. Make sure that CCC does not automatically search for newer drivers (information -> software updates).


                    If you don't really need CCC and actually have better performance without it, then by all means uninstall just that and be done with it.

                    Use MSI Afterburner as an alternative monitoring program.