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AMD 7670m no Dual Graphics!!!!

Question asked by rikonvan on Nov 10, 2015



My Laptop, Samsung NP355E7C-S08DE with integrated 7420g and dedicated 7670m is up to date (CCC, everything).


Ingame, only my 7420g is working, since my cs:go is lagging on lowest and my LoL is running 20-40 FPS (also extremely low for this game).


Both graphics are listed in device Manager, but not showing as 7420g+7670m but separately. Also, in the CCC they are listed separately: It says Primary is 7420g and connected is the 7670m. I cant activate crossfire nor can I choose a different Primary Adapter. Also, when I deactivate the 7420g, it says no Drivers are installed at all and I cant run any games anymore. For example, cs:go is saying D3D error.


I tried everything, I installed 5 Versions of CCC (from Samsung, 13.11something...), mobility CCC, beta CCC, BIOS update, choose exe-specific graphics but it wont let me.... I found a post saying: 8.982.10.5000, 23.11.2012


...AMD Radeon HD 7420G

AMD Radeon HD 7520G

AMD Radeon HD 7520G + 7670M Dual Graphics

AMD Radeon HD 7640G + 7670M Dual Graphics

AMD Radeon HD 7660G + 7670M Dual Graphics

AMD Radeon HD 7670M...


My configuration is not in there and I guess it never was.