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My laptop Acer aspire E5-551G-T16Q wont detect the R7 M265 graphics card anywhere

Question asked by maazrk96 on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by maazrk96

Hello, have an acer aspire E5-551G-T16Q which was pre-installed with linux linpus. So, i manually switched to windows 10 pro. I have two graphics cards in it, AMD R6 graphics 1gb and R7 M265 2gb.. The problem is that the R7 one doesnt show up anywhere at all. even all the games detect my graphics as R6 and detects 1gb only and gives poor performance.. I wanted to use R7 graphics only. I have tried every possible solution available on the internet but nothing helps. i hav tried disabling r6 adaptor in device manager but then r7 gives an error: 43 with a yellow exclamation.. and when i try to install catalyst drivers while disabling and uninstalling R6, the drivers enables the R6 adaptor by itself..Please help me with my problem.