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280x texture mapping issues

Question asked by on Nov 10, 2015

I have been noticing some strange things with my 280x, just wondering if anyone else on here is experiencing anything like it.

The texture mapping is messed up for almost every game I own, Though usually it really doesn't bother me. Until the scene in Witcher 3 where you discover the grave of the botchling.

This is what I see vs what I should see. Witcher3 - Album on Imgur

The lowest image is me standing where the grave should be. The other 2 are pulled off youtube and are how it should look.

This happens is almost every game, I don't know if I should just buy a different card as this one is almost 2 years old now or just return it for warranty. If this is a 280x wide issues(7970 ghz does not seem to experience this) I will buy a different card. But if this is my own issues I will warranty replace it.

Thank you for any assistance.


Computer Type: Desktop

GPU: HIS IceQ x2 radeon r9 280x the non turbo boost one.

CPU: i7 4771

Motherboard: Asus z87 pro

RAM: 16gb Crucial ballistix sport very low profile

PSU: don't remember, but it wasn't cheap and 1200 watts

Operating System & Version: Windows 10 and 7 (this issue, in any form, doesn't happen under linux)

GPU Drivers: 14 series drivers to 15.11

Background Applications: does not matter, I've tried all this

Troubleshooting: This never happened with the 7870 I had for a week before returning it. Tried changing driver options by sound reasoning, don't remember everything. I do know about 4 months ago I went through every option in ccc and didn't find a solution. Different connections to the power supply, Different outlets in the house. Different pcie slots. Completely reinstalled os several times and tested. Tried linux compatible games and issues with them on windows disappeared completely under linux.