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    HIGH DPC LATENCY due 390 Card/Driver!?




      I have HUGE DPC Latency lag, it starts to get worse, it seems. First things first, let me share my computer specs with you guys:

      CPU: FX-9590 @ 4.72GHz, GPU: 2x AMD R9 390 8G, RAM: 32GB DDR3 2400mhz, MOBO: Asus Crosshair Formula-Z, PSU: 1000W CoolerMaster Gold, SSD 850 evo Samsung.


      Here some special changes in Windows:

      NO PAGE FILE (issues was there before I changed this to "no page file"), Energy settings set to High Performance.


      Here's what I've done so you can skip that:

      Updated BIOS, Updated audio drivers, Updated AHCI drivers / sata drivers, Reinstalled GPU drivers (removed with DDU), Ran Windows Performance Analyzer, Ran LatencyMon, Ran DLC (all report serious issues), freshly installed Windows 8.1, Flashed BIOS,


      What do I experience:
      Fequent mouse stutter, sound stutter/cracking, lagg,


      When does this happen?:
      I started to notice it ingame, mostly, but also when not gaming. The biggest issues come from USBPORT.SYS (non gaming) and DXGKRNL.SYS (when gaming) according to LatencyMon.


      When did it start happening?:
      For as long as I can remember on this rig, but I strongly believe since I got new video cards (MSI 390 crossfire, before GTX 560 Nvidia) , however it's getting worse now that I updated all drivers, or maybe I pay more attention to it now, who knows?


      While gaming:
      Total = 141888 for module dxgkrnl.sys

      Elapsed Time, >     1024 usecs AND <=     2048 usecs,      0, or   0.00%

      Elapsed Time, >     2048 usecs AND <=     4096 usecs,      4, or   0.00%

      Elapsed Time, >     4096 usecs AND <=     8192 usecs,      0, or   0.00%

      Elapsed Time, >     8192 usecs AND <=    16384 usecs,     65, or   0.05%

      Total,                                                141888



      Some screenshots:



      Here is a xperf or (.etl) file about my pc during this stuttering: http://puu.sh/lgnc0/d7ba03d0ef.rar


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          I found the solution, however I am not pleased with the outcome. The out game lag came from my own incompetence with overclocking me ram. I set it back to 1333mhz instead of 2400, and all out game issues are gone.


          However the in-game issues caused by the amd crossfire setup. I have to choose between crossfire and no v-sync, or vsync and no xfire.... This issue has been around for a while and I am very displeaset with AMD atm, this is third issue I encounter with amd, ever since switching from intel/nvidia. I will try my best to return these cards, and cpu, and board, and I will build a skylake pc, i guess, you get what you pay for.

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              You can also try loosening (raising) the RAM timings and see if you can keep a higher RAM frequency. 1333Mhz is nothing for most RAM modules that support extreme profiles and thus higher clocks, unless you use really basic RAM sticks.


              About vsync and crossfirex, i don't have any real issues when using both, as long as the crossfirex profile has good scaling and vsync is used by the game and is well implemented.

              Latency goes up for me too while gaming, though.

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                  But to how much, without vsync my dx latency is < than 1ms. with vsync it's >15ms, which causes audio stutter. I saw older posts of people with this issue, so AMD just became the new Ubisoft for me. It's my last RED build, and sure as hell the last AMD product I've bought or will recommend. They're going down in 2019 as it stands now, well they deserve it with such horrible products, lies, and costumer support. This board should hold 2400mhz, yet AMD states that 1600 would be better, because they f-d up. GG amd, NVIDIA/INTEL it is.

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                      "horrible products, lies, and costumer support"


                      You'd be surprised how many users feel exactly like that on the green side... point taken though.

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                          Personally my experience was better, at least didn't notice any problems with my fermi chips. (590gtx x2).

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                              Ok understood, but the fact remains that lots of users have lots of issues with nvidia hardware and software as well.

                              I can also confirm that i personally did not have any serious latency issues or audio stutters with either the HD6990 or the 2 x HD5970 (4-way crossfirex) setup that i am using now on the latest drivers and on the newest windows 10 O.S.

                              Neither did i have high latency on a system with an nvidia gtx470, or on a laptop with an nvidia 8600M gs.

                              It doesn't mean that others have not experienced and reported dpc issues on similar or different setups.

                              It differs from user to user, or from system to system configuration.




                              For the non-believers...


                              Latency on 1 gpu (1 core/ HD5970):

                              fallout4 1 gpu dpc photo Fallout4 - 1 gpu latency_zpsiiefex9x.png


                              Latency on 4 gpus (2 x HD5970 in crossfirex/ quadfire):

                              fallout4 4 gpu dpc photo Fallout4 - 4 gpu latency_zpsvy7j6w6i.png


                              AMD driver wonder for an old gpu architecture ??? Or maybe luck ?

                              I sincerely doubt it...

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