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HIGH DPC LATENCY due 390 Card/Driver!?

Question asked by wybrem on Nov 10, 2015
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I have HUGE DPC Latency lag, it starts to get worse, it seems. First things first, let me share my computer specs with you guys:

CPU: FX-9590 @ 4.72GHz, GPU: 2x AMD R9 390 8G, RAM: 32GB DDR3 2400mhz, MOBO: Asus Crosshair Formula-Z, PSU: 1000W CoolerMaster Gold, SSD 850 evo Samsung.


Here some special changes in Windows:

NO PAGE FILE (issues was there before I changed this to "no page file"), Energy settings set to High Performance.


Here's what I've done so you can skip that:

Updated BIOS, Updated audio drivers, Updated AHCI drivers / sata drivers, Reinstalled GPU drivers (removed with DDU), Ran Windows Performance Analyzer, Ran LatencyMon, Ran DLC (all report serious issues), freshly installed Windows 8.1, Flashed BIOS,


What do I experience:
Fequent mouse stutter, sound stutter/cracking, lagg,


When does this happen?:
I started to notice it ingame, mostly, but also when not gaming. The biggest issues come from USBPORT.SYS (non gaming) and DXGKRNL.SYS (when gaming) according to LatencyMon.


When did it start happening?:
For as long as I can remember on this rig, but I strongly believe since I got new video cards (MSI 390 crossfire, before GTX 560 Nvidia) , however it's getting worse now that I updated all drivers, or maybe I pay more attention to it now, who knows?


While gaming:
Total = 141888 for module dxgkrnl.sys

Elapsed Time, >     1024 usecs AND <=     2048 usecs,      0, or   0.00%

Elapsed Time, >     2048 usecs AND <=     4096 usecs,      4, or   0.00%

Elapsed Time, >     4096 usecs AND <=     8192 usecs,      0, or   0.00%

Elapsed Time, >     8192 usecs AND <=    16384 usecs,     65, or   0.05%

Total,                                                141888



Some screenshots:



Here is a xperf or (.etl) file about my pc during this stuttering:


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