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Theater Mode - are there any graphic cards supporting TM? Or working with Catalyst Control Center v. 11-9 (where TM is still enabled)?

Question asked by marian-p on Nov 9, 2015


I work in cinema and we screen time to time videos from PC with Windows 7.


We used past times great feature of ATI/AMD graphic cards called Theater Mode = video in full screen is projected to extended desktop, while there is just control panel with small preview video on primary monitor. Projectionist has got control and overview of content and audience see only content (film) without controls, other windows etc.


Theater Mode disappeared in newer versions of Catalyst Control Center / we have ATI Radeon HD 4890 with CCC v. 11-9 which is not the newest, but still with TM feature.


We'd like to upgrade/buy new PC with newer GPU with more RAM, but will any work with CCC 11-9?


Or can anyone suggest different solution of the issue (2 monitors / first main with controls and overview, second only play backed video in full screen)?


We play all videos in VLC player.


Thanks a lot,