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Gifs are shown as black then returns normally, what causes this?

Question asked by omrclk41 on Nov 9, 2015

Hello everyone,


I have a problem last few months. I do not remember how it started but it become very irritating.


My problem is, when I surfing on internet, for example watching gifs, they become black at first start. I have a video. You will understand what I'm saying.


First, I thought this problem happens because of flash player on Chrome. Then I tried with Firefox cuze Chrome come with embeded flash and Firefox uses system flash as far as I know. Both results are same. So I think it might because of my graphic card.


I'm using; HD7850 2GB 256BIT.


Also I have a problem on games, too. All games locks for a sec or 2 seconds then returns normally. For example when I was running, It freezes. 2 seconds later I got respond and my character gone too far like this problems. So I need help basically.


I'm adding video here; My GIF Problem - YouTube


Thanks for any kind of help.