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    FirePro 2460: Windows 10 blank screens on reboot


      Hi all, first post.


      I've searched the forum but have not found any answer to my specific question: since upgrading to W10, my Dell T5400 gives me blank screens after I reboot. Graphics is a FirePro 2460 running two Eizo S1921-X monitors. It all worked fine under W7, W8 and W8.1. Eyefinity works as expected.


      The workaround is simple: unplug one of the monitors before reboot and plug it back in once the Windows login page appears. But it is a pain and I'd like to know if there is a fix.




      Desktop: Dell T5400 (bios V11)

      Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise  x64

      Graphics: ATI FirePro 2460 (drivers 15.20.1045)

      Monitors: Eizo S1921-X (via miniDP to DVI adapters supplied in FirePro box)