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My graphics card not running at its full blast in games, very low performance

Question asked by alequa on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2015 by ray_m

Hello about a month ago I was playing games like GTA5 smoothly, my graphics card was kinda loud but it was providing good performance.

Now something happened (i dont really know what) and I dont really hear my graphics card and frame rates in all my games dropped heavily (Witcher 3 like 15fps drop, GTA5 from smooth to 2-3/fps).

In Witcher 3 I hear something and the game is playable, but I think it used to be louder and performance was better.

In GTA5 I dont really hear card and game is unplayable 2/3fps

Fallout 4 also very poor performance (10-15fps average).


Strange thing is when I run graphics test like 3D Mark or 3D Mark 11, the graphics card seems to be working fine, I can hear it running at full blast and results seems to be fine.


I tried reinstalling all AMD drivers and uninstalling MSI gaming app and nothing changed, but i see my settings didnt change either.


Can you help me please?


System specs:


CPU: Intel I5-4460


OS: Windows 10 64bit