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Are AMD planning on adding adaptive Vsync to their drivers finally, or some sort of Vsync that works in Direct3d applications?

Question asked by nilsatis on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by t77chevy

I see there are plans for a revamp of CCC. Has AMD maybe thought about adding some sort of usable vsync option at driver level? Nvidia has had this for some time, and we should not have to use old software which works perfectly well (i.e. RadeonPro) to do this when you could add it to the drivers. RadeonPro is now not supported and is becoming obsolete. Newer games have problems with using it and really AMD could implement this at driver level. Can someone from AMD explain why this has not been done and whether it is going to make an appearance in the new driver revisions? I have seen the previews and could not see Vsync anywhere. More and more games Vsync options are bad at best and driver level Vsync creates a smoother gameplay experience on 60hz monitors and could be very helpful for people. I understand 60hz monitors may be on the way out but is still the standard that people game at the moment.


Very interested to know why this hasnt been done and the now obsolete Open gl vertical sync option has stayed in there. Many people dont realise that this doesnt even work for Direct 3d applications in forums and troubleshooting etc.


Thanks for reading.