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Duel monitor boosts clocks too high

Question asked by mrbigfoot_ on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by john007

Loving my computer, but if I connect 2 monitors, my clocks jump high for no reason, even when I don't run anything. I don't think this is normal, and its definitely not necessary. It boosts memory from 150 Mhz to 1400 Mhz, and the core clock from 300 to 400. It gets very hot for no reason other than this. If I unplug my extra monitor, it immediately drops back down to idle, and the tem is fine again at sub 35c range after a while, like its suppose to. Otherwise it cranks out sometimes 50c, or maybe even 60c, I didn't let it run long, because I couldn't figure out the problem. I tried re-installing drivers, even the new beta releases, rebooting, even tried to use MSI's afterburner to manually under-clock it, but that last one caused it to Black screen. Then I finally tried unplugging my monitor, and viola it was fine. But it still boost if its plugged in, but no power to the monitor. I like having a second monitor. Its cool to be able to monitor everything with afterburner on my small screen, while I play Skyrim on maxed out settings on my TV.


specs: R9 270

Monitors: 32 in 720p TV, and then my super old VGA LCD monitor (which works fine for showing graphs).


So I'm not taxing my GPU, it even shows 0% when I'm not gaming with it, so the huge clock boost makes it seriously noisy and its just not necessary.