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Red Team Power Showcase ! Its About time we do this !

Question asked by abhishek_myth on Nov 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by abhishek_myth

Hi Red Team Followers and Gaming & Tech Friends,      I often come across quite non detailed non informative post that how the Red Team hardware doing in games, most of the reviewers can't even justify the high numbers they get . AMD and Red team don't get much love either. So i am making this post , to let you people show how awesome in your RIG/PC doing in with recent games and hardware. Even Hardcore Software and other development tool people are welcome. SO below do spare ur AMD hardware config and let us know in a particular game how it performs. Any game from 2015 you pick. If you are R300 series and Fury Series user, you are more than welcome.  R200 series friends do share your thoughts too. Happy gaming.Gaming Red Teamsam.tehranierin.maiorinoletsgetit1220 !