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    atikmdag.sys BSOD fixed, now what..?


      I have a problem.


      My system got BSOD everytime i was watching videos, web browsing, downloading large files, or sometimes it crashed without doing anything.

      This started to happen right after installing AMD Catalyst Drivers 15.7.1 after a clean Windows 10 Install.


      According to BlueScreenViewer (by Nirsoft) it was atikmdag.sys -file that caused BSOD.


      I found a solution in couple of forums:


      [1] Rename atikmdag.sys file to atikmdag.sys.old (in Window's system32 driver folder)

      [2] Copy atikmdag.sy_ (found in AMD installation folder) to desktop.

      [3] Go to Desktop-folder in cmd.exe and type EXPAND.EXE atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys

      [4] Now there's a new file in desktop called atikmdag.sys, and copy it to sytem32/driver -folder


      I did that and after it I uninstalled AMD Catalyst Install Manager and all AMD Drivers. After reboot I updated graphics drivers using Windows' Device Manager.


      And now my system works perfectly. Not a single BSOD!


      After updating drivers using Device Manager I realised that AMD Catalyst Control Center had installed itself to my system. I never clicked install button anywhere.


      So my question is, can I safely remove AMD Catalyst Control Center? Does that problem come back if I try to update gpu drivers? Is there a noticeable difference using old gpu drivers which I think I currently have. Note that in my application list in Control Panel, it says only AMD Catalyst Control Center (Version 1.00.0000)



      Acer E5-551G-885G

      Windows 10 Pro

      AMD A8-7100 Radeon R5

      AMD Radeon R7 M265

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          Hello axima !


          Since your hardware (APU + R7 265M) supports the latest catalyst drivers (15.7.1 whql - 15.11 beta), you should definitely download and install either of them, using one of the links below:


          For windows 10 64bit:



          For windows 10 32bit:



          Close internet connection first (so as windows update will not interfere).

          Make sure you choose the correct one and try clean installing using this guide:

          Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

          As per guide instructions, be careful not to uninstall the chipset drivers.


          Just so you know, letting windows update to automatically download catalyst drivers will also install CCC. Configure your system to not automatically download drivers for your system (Control Panel\System and Security\System, then open "advanced system settings" -> "hardware" tab -> "device installation settings")

          And yes, you can safely remove CCC it if you do not use it at all (not recommended though).

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              Thank you very much for your quick and 100% helpful answer.


              I now have Catalyst Control Center in background and drivers (version 15.7.1) installed. Everything has been working perfectly for a day now, so I think it'll continue doing so. I have been watching videos the whole day, which earlier caused BSOD everytime, after 30 seconds or so. Not anymore.


              I have a question I meant to ask in the first place:


              I described a method for fixing the problem with atikmdag.sys in my first message. Is that method AMD-approved? If it works, it can't be bad, right?

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                  I am glad that you got it covered.

                  As for your question, i'll just say this: who cares ?

                  Your PC is yours to mess with and learn something in the process. If it was otherwise, were would all the fun be ?

                  Why take the long hard road, when there are automated programs to do the job easily for you ?

                  For the fun of course !!!


                  Game on.

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                Hi there

                I followed the steps that you talked about but while expanding the atimkpag.sy_  file i get an error. It says " Can't open input file atikmpag.sy_."

                what to do now

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                  I have the same problem.

                  Bluescreens with error messages - "atikmdag.sys". Quite frankly its now getting ridiculous. Its clearly a driver problem.