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    390 Sapphire Black Screen


      Hi, a few days ago i bought a new gpu (R9 390 Sapphire) along side with a new setup:

      i5 4460 3,2 Ghz

      8 GB RAM

      R9 390 Sapphire

      PSU Seasonic 80+ Gold 700 W


      The problem is, i installed a clean Win 8.1 Pro OS and the next step was to install GPU driver. I installed custom w/o Raptr (i know that this problem creates a lot of problems), everything was ok until in the installer it reached AMD Driver Display, it flickered two times and then black screen + freeze pc.And if i restart my pc after the win logo, again black screen. I downloaded the DDU from guru3d site, and i uninstall the AMD Catalyst Suite, to reach my desktop again.Anyone have a soultion?

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          windows will install what it thinks is the best drivers for your hardware when you install the os , using ddu in safe mode to clean out the driver and then installing the correct driver for your system " 32 bit, 64 bit " should resolve the issue

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              I have the same problem as him ,and no, it doesnt work. I enter in safe mode with ddu,i uninstall everything and then i log normal, i try to install the last driver Catalyst Suite, but when the installer reaches AMD Display Adapter to install, black screen and freeze my pc.Any idea why? I event tried again a clean and fresh win 8,1 install, w/o net cable plugged and the same.

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                Well i tried that, and it doesnt work. Whatever i install/uninstall through DDU, AMD Display Adapter doesnt want to install and my screen turn black and above this, it freeze my pc too, and i need to restart to go again on desktop.Any other idea? Or what is happening...