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    Ongoing project: Phase Change system!


      Well, my latest overclocking endeavor may seem more than a little crazy but I just happen to have a window AC unit that I can use... It needs a minor repair, but was replaced so now I'm starting out on building a Phase Change system .


      So, first off: Taking the cover off of the AC unit.



      Now I'm doing a ton of research on how to turn that ^ into a PC-cooling monster. So far, I have found a few things- a design for an evaporator (CPU heatsink) and mostly have managed figuring out the ideas of how an AC unit works. My next step is to figure out how to drain the loop safely & figure out what type of pump it uses... and then to find a way to attach a hose somewhere to lead up to the evaporator.


      If anyone has expertise on this, I'll be happy to hear it! In the meantime, I'll keep working on this and keep the post updated on my progress!

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          You're crazy, but I like it. Will this be inside our outside? That thing is gona throw out TONS of heat.

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              I think I might not use that specific unit (a car AC unit should do fine for PC cooling now that I think of it) and Car AC's are typically less dangerous to work with. That and this window AC unit is an easy fix so, well, its usable as an AC lol.


              But, I think it will be inside unless proving to be a true heat generator. My PC already is a heater xD so I don't need another in my room... But it may be in the garage if that is the case. I can experiment with my old Athlon x2 system so.  Atm, I'm leaning towards switching over to an old truck AC instead- because it will be easier to convert. While less powerful, refilling a car AC is perfectly legal and safe(ish)- with the added bonus of fitting inside of your PC case.


              Now to enlist the help of my grandfather (who is a retired auto mechanic) to help make the evaporator, and do the assorted conversions on the AC unit for a PC is my next step. Will probably take a few days of work to get it ready to go... And I'll document it as best I can & write a guide here Probably will be done by Dec/Jan if all goes well. (Main issue is parts, rest is semi-easy if you are good with building things)