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    FX 9590 driving me crazy


      Hello everybody,


      so this is my current configuration:


      CPUAMD FX-9590 4.7GHz 8-Core
      CoolerCooler Master Nepton 120XL
      MotherboardAsus M5A99FX PRO R2.0
      MemoryKingston HyperX Fury Red 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory
      StorageWestern Digital WD Green 2TB 3.5" 5400RPM
      Video cardAsus Radeon R9 270X 4GB DirectCU II
      Power supplyCooler Master 650W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply
      Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (64-bit)


      First I have to ask that is this cooler compatible with the cpu?


      The second thing is that this cpu constantly freezes in many situations (such as gaming, video rendering etc...)


      I'm so desperate that I don't know what to ask anymore. I appreciate any kind of help.


      Kind regards.

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          There could be any number of reasons for system freezes. The first thing I would check is the CPU temp under heavy load such as gaming. If it exceeds 61C using the latest version of the applet Core Temp, then it is likely overheating which would be cooler related. If the CPU temp is below 61C under heavy load then you might want to check the 12V power output of your PSU which may not be sufficient for the CPU/GPU combo that you are running, when under heavy load. I would also suggest testing the RAM with Memtest 86+ to determine if there are any RAM issues. If all of the above is good then you may need to work with the BIOS settings to insure proper voltage to the CPU under heavy load via the LLC option. Other BIOS settings may also need to be fine tuned to insure stable performance from any 8-core CPU. Prime 95 or OCCT can be used to stress test the system to determine stability, CPU voltage under load, max temps, etc.


          Note to AMD mod: This tech troubleshooting info. should be covered under a sticky so people know what to check first when they build a new system or upgrade an existing system.

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            Here it is!!

            I want to make this very clear!!!!!!


            It's NOT the CPU that is giving you the problem!!!

            It's your motherboard!!!!


            The FX-9370 and FX-9590 chips draw 220 watts of power!!

            The FX-8370 and lower, chips draw 125 watts power.



            There are only a couple of mother boards that support the CPU you are using.

            Check the ASUS website for more info on your motherboard.

            I am using the FX-9370 CPU and the ASUS Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard, and it works great!   


            I hope this helps!!!

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                According to Asus, the M5A99FX R2.0 model mobo with BIOS 1903 supports the FX-9000 series CPUs. Yes they have conflicting marketing text but the BIOS info. is clear that the mobo supports the FX-9000 series CPUs. The thermal limitation is that the VRM circuit like most mobos needs good airflow to keep from overheating and throttling the CPU because the 220W CPUs draw a lot of power.


                M5A99FX PRO R2.0 | Motherboards | ASUS USA


                FX-9370(FD9370FHW8KHK, 4.4GHz, 8C, L3:8M, 220W,rev.C0,AM3+)                                                                     ALL                                                                         1903 GO                                                                     Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using this CPU(i.e. special thermal required..)                                
                                                    FX-9590(FD9590FHW8KHK, 4.7GHz, 8C, L3:8M, 220W,rev.C0,AM3+)                                                                     ALL                                                                         1903 GO                                                                     Due to the high TDP, please be noted there are limitations while using this CPU(i.e. special thermal required..)
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                First thanks to all of you. But looks like my CPU runs stable for the first time. I found the answer to my problems here. As winchester said in his post the processor does not tolerate a lot of things and it is not very stable. After reading rbagdazian post I went into the bios and changed the turbo mode setting from auto to disabled (AI Overclock Tuner settings for the M5A99FX).


                Kind regards!

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                    you cpu is best off with a double 140mm water cooler to manage with the thermal load


                    you are also advised to have a very high capacity PSU to cope with power draw of the CPU and GPU


                    that is why I have an 850W PSU, makes it hard to overload no matter what I do

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                        FWIW, not everyone desires to add a coolant leak liability to their PC via an AIO or open loop liquid cooler, especially when a top of the line tower cooler provides proper cooling, typically costs less and never leaks coolant to damage the mobo, GPU or other PC components. There are enough CPU cooling choices that PC enthusiasts should be able to find a CPU cooler that does what they desire. Use reputable review sites that properly test CPU coolers to find a suitable cooler for your specific application. One size literally does not fit all when it comes to CPU coolers. Many people are surprised to find that the majority of AIO coolers do not cool as well as a good tower cooler even with costly replacement fans (to lower noise) in the AIO units. Good research can eliminate unpleasant surprises.


                        When it comes to powering a PC with an 8-core FX CPU and a high end GPU, it's useful to use a good online PSU calculator before seeking a quality PSU. The primary concern in a PSU is sufficient, clean 12v rail amperage. Both the CPU and GPU derive the majority of their power from the 12V PSU rail. JonnyGuru and Hardware Secrets are two sites that properly test PSUs in addition to examining and explaining the PSU internal design and construction. With so many PSUs available today it's useful to read independent reviews by skilled techs/engineers who have done the proper testing for us because the PSU advertising claims are often exaggerated.

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                            "add a coolant leak liability" (here we go again)

                            If it leaks, which more than likely will be never. There is absolutely nothing wrong with AIO coolers.

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                                As noted there are plenty of cooler choices for people to chose from. There is no denying that liquid coolers do leak as people report this issue and the resulting damage frequently. If you prefer liquid cooling that is what you should use. It's incorrect to state that the FX-9000 series or any other current AMD CPU requires a liquid cooler. Many liquid coolers do not perform as well as top quality tower coolers even though most AIO units typically cost more than a top end tower cooler. In fact many AIO coolers can't properly cool an 8-core FX CPU so enthusiasts need to do their research before selecting a CPU cooler. As far as I am concerned people should use whatever products make them happy but it's technically incorrect to claim the FX-9000 series or any other AMD CPU requires a liquid cooler for proper cooling.

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                                    sure ,some may leak,but that goes without saying,anything can fail,mobo,gpu,ram,cpu,fans etc...but to use the "liability of a leak" comment is just scare tactics from someone who obviously does not use/like them.


                                    Not to mention that AMD themselves recommended/and bundled them for the 9000 series CPU's when they were released.


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                                        There are no scare tactics at all in my post, just reality. A heatsink/fan cooler can't leak coolant and damage PC hardware where as a liquid cooler can and they do. If they didn't there would not be reports in this and many other PC hardware forums on the web regarding the cooler leaks and damage. Reviewing the liquid cooler forum threads at any AIO/CLC cooler manufacturer's website will provide insight in to reliability issues, failure modes, chronic issues and more. Since a HSF doesn't contain liquid coolant it can't leak coolant and cause damage. Understanding the pros as well as the cons of a particular product or cooling method is important. Most PC users chose not to install a liquid cooler because they don't view them as necessary nor desirable over a quality HSF. With a little research most PC enthusiasts should be able to determine what products meet their needs. It matters not to me what people chose to buy or use. What matters to me is that people have sufficient information to make an informed buying decision.


                                        The purpose of my posts in this thread was to clarify that a liquid cooler is not required on any AMD CPU for proper cooling and that many of the AIO/CLC liquid coolers do not possess the thermal capacity to properly cool an 8-core AMD CPU, especially the FX-9000 series models. The information presented is intended to prevent unpleasant experiences by people who have not performed due diligence prior to purchasing a liquid cooler. No one wants damaged hardware and to be without their PC for weeks from a coolant leak. In addition a PC enthusiasts isn't going to be happy after they buy an AIO/CLC cooler only to find that it can't properly cool their FX-8000 or FX-9000 series CPU under heavy load such as gaming.


                                        The same due diligence applies to purchasing a new CPU or PSU. Enthusiasts need to confirm that the mobo they plan to use is properly rated and approved to run the FX-8000 and FX-9000 if they are using one of the 8-core FX CPUs. Failure to do so has resulted in PC enthusiasts discovering that their mobo VRM design is insufficient for the CPU. When updating a system with or to an 8-core FX processor people need to confirm that their PSU has sufficient 12 volt rail amps. Just using the total wattage consumed by a PC system is not enough information to determine if a PSU can properly power a 8-core FX CPU and whatever GPU is being used. One needs to determine the CPU and GPU maximum power consumption in amps and confirm the 12V rail of the PSU has sufficient capacity plus about 15% more for surge current situations.


                                        As an example if a CPU is rated at 140w real world power consumption and a single GPU has a real world 275w consumption then adding the two figures gives 415w divided by 12v = ~35 amps minimum just for those two components. When you add in drives, fans, etc. the 12v PSU rail likely needs to output 50 amps or more to have any reserve capacity. Obviously with higher power consumption CPUs or GPUs or multiple GPUs the power requirements from the 12v rail can grow rapidly. Using an FX-9000 with a rated 220w power and dual 250w GPUs results in 770w divided by 12v = ~64 amps. minimum for just the CPU and dual GPUs. Understanding the technical details on different products will assist enthusiasts in picking the proper components for their PC.

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                                  I believe what you say is true. But the FX 9590 comes in a bundle with the CM Seidon 120V (if you buy the bundle edition) and my PC runs fine at this time. The power calculation for my PC is 518W at max load. If i get any problems i will update to a 750/850W PSU.

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                                Turn off anything related to turbo boost in your bios - To start off with.. If you want to run at 5.0GHZ you will have to manually set it.

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                                    IME, many mobos require manually setting of all of the major BIOS options to obtain system stability with the FX 8000 and 9000 series CPUs. Even though "auto" should work properly, manually setting the BIOS options for vcore, DIMM timings, etc. and disabling power saving features typically resolves many stability issues. You can always go back and enable them once you obtain a reliable, stable PC to determine which "auto" or "default" BIOS settings may be causing stability issues.


                                    Stress testing a PC build with P95 or similar is a good means to find problems. Contrary to what some enthusiasts report, if you system can not run P95 without errors, it isn't 100% stable. If it's stable enough for you however without being able to run P95, then go for it but understand you may encounter BSOD, reboots, etc.


                                    4.7 GHz. is the default FX-9590 clock speed. 5.0 GHz. is an overclocked frequency used in Turbo mode when the CPU is under light load. Not all FX-9000 series CPUs will run at 5.0 GHz. or higher speeds stable under heavy loads even with increased vcore or other voltage increases. While some CPUs do go higher, ~5.0 GHz. is the general limit on this generation of FX processors with traditional ambient cooling and rock solid system stability.