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Mantle Freezing Battlefield Error [BATTLEFIELD 4 & HARDLINE]

Question asked by divisionzer0 on Nov 8, 2015
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EDIT : Torn_TV suggested I use AMD's Cleanup utility and reinstall my driver. It worked! but now I'm getting another problem. My game will freeze up and shoot me back to the desktop and also I notice this random same cpu spike, it's exactly the same cpu spike happening. It's wierd, it's just one cpu spike. It can happen once or twice even then ultimately my game will freeze and I will be at the desktop


cpu spike mantle.png

Hey guys after finally getting my GPU running properly in Battlefield 4 and Hardline, I wanted to see if Mantle was fixed as well. But after testing it again I receive this error Gyazo - 5f7921f18b667b47895597da783f698e.png and also this one I just received literally Gyazo - 5f7921f18b667b47895597da783f698e.png


I'm very excited as I have my PC running in great shape in Battlefield, now I just want to be able to play using Mantle! The performance and quality blows DirectX out of the water. The main reason why I want to use Mantle is because it's the reason why I bought my GPU, no screen tearing, and smooth quality. I don't want to use V-Sync since it will limit my GPU's power so when I stream/record I will lose FPS I shouldn't be.

-Thanks Fujiyama




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