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    How to disable share bar in community.amd.com?


      This is feedback on the web site so I am not sure of the best place to post it so apologies if this is the wrong place.


      Is there a way of disabling the share bar in the forums. This regularly obscures the content for me and makes it very annoying as I have to wait for it to load and then find the tiny < button underneath it to hide it. It's especially annoying when trying to post a reply and it hides the text you are typing and some toolbar buttons.


      Alternatively add a left margin to the forums so the share buttons don't overlap the text.




      Screenshot 2015-11-07 17.28.41.png


      Screenshot 2015-11-07 17.31.09.png


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          I think there is an arrow just below the column to allow you to hide the bar.

          You can always use an ad-block or anti-tracking extention/ plugin on a browser and block that. Be careful, though, not to lose some site functionality during the process. Experiment a bit with the blocking filters of the extention(s) that you are going to use and try to find the one that will block only this particular bar.


          Hope it helps.

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