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Hey amdmatt ray_m


Update: I believe I have located and solved the issue. I will update this thread tomorrow. Thus far since my changes, I've been able to play at without issue, with a flawless 60FPS at 3600x1800. I'll explain the details further tomorrow. Now time for some sleep!



There are serious issues in regards to performance in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 in both single and multi-GPU configurations using any of the following drivers I had available, saved via back up for my tests.



  • 15.7.1
  • 15.8 Beta
  • 15.10 Beta
  • 15.11 Beta (Bops3 Beta Driver)



After experiencing poor performance with the 15.11 beta driver along with Treyarch's recent "cpu thread patch" solution and without, I decided to begin installing each of the above to see if they were affected as well. With each install, I of course made sure to perform a clean install. Regardless of the driver being used, performance be kind, incredibly poor. There was never a moment that I was able to note any sort of stability for more than one match, in single or multi-GPU's in regards to frame rate, frame time or even basic driver stability across the board, regardless of in game or Catalyst settings applied. Please note, that this isn't an isolated incident as I'm sure you're aware and is affecting AMD users badly in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Although it is only going into day two since release and Treyarch I'm sure will issue more patches, I thought it would be best to still bring the following to your attention.


I apologize for the format I have used for everything below, but I wasn't originally prepared to conduct this today, but felt it needed to be done for the AMD community as quickly as possible. I'll continue my tests and ensure that I complete them in the proper format as soon as possible.




Please note: These issues are only occurring in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 with any of the listed driver packages.****



Below are the issues experienced utilizing each driver package across the board during the tests.


Driver Crashes (Desktop): When the crash to desktop occurred, there were multiple instances that I lost access to the Windows taskbar, with no ability to recover it without a system reboot.


Driver Crash (Intermittent): After this occurred, neither frame rates, nor times recovered and what appeared to be screen tearing occured, yet the tearing was fixed in multiple locations, unlike standard screen tearing. Example: A box shaped "tear" to the upper right, rectangular "tear" to the center and low and what appeared to be the screen tearing apart in the center. I have never seem tearing in this fashion before. There were also multiple times that when this occurred and I closed the game out, I experienced the same symptom as described above, losing access to the taskbar with no ability to recover it without a systyem reboot.
System Crash: System crashes without warning, as well as instances where I was able to physically log (On paper) the degraded performance seconds prior to it occurring.


Excessively Low FPS, Frame Times and Stability: Frames often dropped to as low as 20FPS, frame times exceeded 125ms at times and as noted above, general stability was poor.



In game, mode test environ and CCC settings applied as noted below:
Utilizing each driver package across the board during the tests


  • Resolution and Virtual Super Resolution tested: On and OFF / (1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3600x1800) I sadly even went as low as 800x600 <--- with no change in stability.
  • In game settings: Tested on every combination possible, lowest to highest. Performance degradation and crashes were identical regardless of resolution or in game settings.
  • Modes tested: Single player campaign, multiplayer (Off and Online), Zombies (Off and Online), Running mode.
  • Screen Mode: Full screen (Multi-GPU and Single), Windowed Borderless (Single GPU), Windowed (Single GPU).
  • CCC settings tested: Default profile, as well as Manual, with everything set to "performance, multi-sampling etc" to ensure environment was least resource hungry.
  • Frame rate limiter: 58, 59, 60, 61, 61, 63, 64 and off.
  • Vsync: Combinations of Vsync on and off in both CCC and in game.


Basic Test environment and duration:
Utilizing each driver package across the board during the tests


  • Tests performed over the course of a 6 hour period.
  • Testing was performed at factory defaults, as well as my standard overclocks (Please see picture below for referencing my overclocked specs/clocks/components).




  • Both CPU and GPU temps were stable, never even approaching the TjMax throughout the tests. (Max CPU/57 Degrees Celsius - Max GPU/76 Degrees Celsius)


Rare performance stability occurrences to note:
Utilizing each driver package across the board during the tests

Note/Rare positive performance occurrences: Crossfire and Single GPU cfg's appeared to be working without issue at random occassions never exceeding one match/stage. When it did operate as intended, I was able to play flawlessly @60FPS, 3600x1800, Maxed - @60FPS, 2560x1440, Maxed - @60FPS, 1920x1080, Maxed - Etc, etc.


Yet this would occur no more than for one match initially after loading the first match and then upon loading (whether it be back to the multiplayer lobby before the next match, loading before the next stage in single player campaign etc.) the performance would degrade to as little as 20FPS each time and never approach playability again, until I would relaunch the game and if it was one of the "lucky" times, after reloading it would return back to a playable state of 60FPS without issue. Note: That this "random" playability was roughly 1 out of every 15 .exe launches and there didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it would launch in this "playable state".


To be completed in the proper format as soon as possible

In closing, I apologize for my data being less than optimal and lacking a bit in comparison to something I would usually submit to bring to your attention, but wanted to in the least get the initial basic data complete. I'll complete my test data as per usual in full detail as well as the proper format, as soon as possible. I'll ensure to post the rest of the results within this post and also make sure to send them via support to ensure they recieve them as well. I hope this may be somewhat useful in it's current and future state to the driver team.



Anyways, thanks for reviewing and as always, have a nice day/weekend amdmatt ray_m  and everyone else here at the AMD forums.