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Bulldozer/Excavator Rework?

Question asked by dutcher_butcher on Nov 7, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by erenhardt

Question(s) lots in fact...sorry.


Why doesn't AMD just rework bulldozer to include proper SMT?

CMT Just hasn't aged as well.


Wouldn't it theoretically be relatively easy to dump everything that is ZEN except the actual cores onto the am3+ socket?

Surely FX has some pins left over, maybe not enough for all the Zen features but still.


Basically Bulldozer cores + as many other peripherals from ZEN, e.g. SMT, SSE4 and such.

To me that sounds like a stellar plan considering their finances and market share, surely getting an extra chip on the market can only be a good thing right?

Also if AMD think everyone is just gonna buy a new mobo (AM4 socket), then think again.

One of the most expensive things for a PC user is moving to another socket, as often Sata, PCI, and D-ram also become outdated/incompatible.


And frankly not everyone is running at 4k, thus not everyone would necessarily benefit from buying into the next gen (at least for the 1st 2 years or so). Besides that would free up so much more budget, for e.g. a much better GPU, SDD's etc. Even if ZEN is a success there are so many more Intel alternatives, they still wouldn't really be relevant, or did I miss something here?


Wouldn't this be a home run financially?

How many AMD PC's would remain relevant, users could simply upgrade the CPU on their old rig and make it somewhat relevant again right?

Besides I only really see problems like PCI-lane limitations, but even so for gamers for example that would only really become a problem when running like 4 Enthousiast GPU's in Quadfire/SLI.

And IPC would be on par with Intel's comparable offerings if they include SMT, since that seems to be the factor which is most holding it back.

Also games that need it are pretty much already coded to use SMT, so no...or at least very little driver team support would be needed.


BTW I'm certain it would actually be allot harder to do than I make it sound, but they've already pioneered dual gpu's, so is this really so far fetched?

Why hasn't this been done yet?


Anyway just my thoughts/questions. What do you guys think is this a viable path?

BTW I mean alongside Zen not replacing it obviously.


P.S. Do AMD tech guys visit these forums?

P.P.S. Do they listen to suggestions like this?