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How can I fix "Amd driver hasstopped working and was succesfully recovered"

Question asked by timoh. on Nov 7, 2015



for a week now, I got following problem:


Everytime I want to play games, sometimes out of nothing, my screen gets black, doing "confused" things like all screen black, but you see in another colured black the icon of the battery charge state.

Sometimes I get a blue screen, sometimes message from the thread name pops up.


Games and app which uses my AMD don`t work anymore.


It is really annoying.


I got a HP Envy M6 with a AMD HD 7600M Series and a sub-graphic devices Intel HD Graphics 4000.


I really was seachring for hours and hours and coulnd`t find a proper solution.


At first I cleaned my OS (Windows 8 64 Bit)

I ran antivir-search

I reinstalled the newest driver.

I Uninstalled the driver.----and it worked for a while

After I installed the latest driver again, same problem. After this, just uninstalling doesn`t work anymore.

And I followed the instructions of all fixs gooogle offers on the first 2 pages, tipping in the name of the message. Nothing worked out, not even a hint.


So I did a clean boot and it works. I have no clue, where the problem could be.


Please please, please help me!