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War thunder 1.53 DAGOR engine driver support needed.

Question asked by tinytinydwarf on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2015 by tinytinydwarf

It's a new graphics engine.


Gaijin Entertainment have said they have sent the info you need too release a driver update for it.


Every AMD card is now underperforming compared to Nvidia. They released their driver update on the 1.53 Patch release.


My AMD Radeon 7850 is already showing it's age. I used to be able to play War thunder on MAX settings and always have stable 60fps. now i get drops too 40fps constantly.


This driver update is a must have. and the question is, is the driver update on the way?


If anyone reads this, please forward this too a superior or something. we are suffering.


my account was created so i could share this issue that a lot of us AMD:ers are having.



Thank you.